Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. My name is Lesley Ulrick, and I have been breeding cats for over 20 years.

I started by breeding the Colourpoint Persian, but then I fell in love with the Exotic. I now breed them and Persians in all Solid colours, Tabbies and Bi-colours.

My main love is for the Exotics, for their easy going nature. I still have my very first Exotic: Silver Grand Champion Daycara Chubby Checker, who is still going strong at 17 years of age. His delight in life now is to wander the garden, and laze in the sun.

I imported my first Exotic, No Comment Roberto Baggio (a blue male) from Sweden in 1999. He sired many beautiful kittens, including Kenloch Kalimna who did very well at the big national show in Perth last year, and can be seen on the Exotics page.
Sadly, No Comment Roberto Baggio passed away in 2009, at the age of 11 years.  I will miss him, always!